This office space is within a mindfully-designed environmentally-efficient three-storey building that overlooks Willen Lake and is close to Milton Keynes Village.

The office space can be rented on a short-term basis on customisable terms; space is available to accommodate from just one person, up to a whole floor. The rent is fully-comprehensive, so you will have just one monthly outgoing in relation to office accommodation.

There is an on-site restaurant and the amenities of the ‘centre:mk’ mall, a post office, and several bars, restaurants and cafes are just a 10-minute walk away, down Childs Way.

Milton Keynes railway station is a 25-minute bus ride away, and from here a train to London will take just 30 minutes.

The Royal Mail address for this office is: Fairbourne Drive, Atterbury, Milton Keynes, MK10 9RG

Property Map